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Why is it that encyclopedias assert the Vikings, or Norsemen, landed in parts of North America, yet the Vikings have never been credited with its “discovery”? Historians bestow this honor on Christopher Columbus, who ventured here five hundred years after the Vikings, having never set foot on the continent! True Myth: Black Vikings of the Middle Ages takes the reader where he or she has never been before. We have always been told that Vikings, or Norsemen, were tall, blond, white and blue-eyed—an image that has been presented to us in books and films. Now comes a book that challenges this centuries-old assertion, presenting evidence that these vaunted warriors were not the people popular historians have told us they were. The author presents evidence that white-skinned peoples in England, Ireland, and Wales referred to Vikings as black pagans and black devils. The extent of their dominance in Europe is examined—in fact, the author presents a reassessment of Europe that some readers will find difficult to believe, beginning with man’s migrations into the continent and examining a number of black-skinned peoples who called Europe home from very ancient times almost to the present. The reader has never read a book like this—filled with quotations from noted historians as well as from several Icelandic sagas—that will take the reader on a journey he or she has never imagined! A more accurate picture of Europe has never been presented before. The writer revisits the last ice age, presents evidence of the heavy presence of blacks in ancient Europe, and revisits ancient Greece, Rome, and areas of Asia, discussing the presence of black-skinned peoples in them before arriving in Viking-age Scandinavia when Norsemen embarked on a three-century-long assault on the continent and began migrating to Iceland and other areas of North America. Once the reader has completed True Myth: Black Vikings of the Middle Ages, he or she will have to question what he or she has been taught, historians once thought to be trustworthy, and the notion that the races were strictly divided and had never intermingled. There has never been a truer picture of Europe written, and the reader now has the opportunity to embark on the most thrilling journey he or she will ever take.





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