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General History of Africa, Vol. VIII: Africa since 1935

The result of years of work by scholars from all over the world, The UNESCO General History of Africa reflects how the different peoples of Africa view their civilizations and shows the historical relationships between the various parts of the continent. Historical connections with other continents demonstrate Africa's contribution to the development of human civilization. Each volume is lavishly illustrated and contains a comprehensive bibliography. This final volume of the acclaimed series of African history by African scholars takes on the complex political, economic, and cultural challenges the continent has faced—and still faces—in shaking off the legacy of colonialism. The book begins with Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia in 1935 and continues on through the struggle for independence in the years following World War II. The glittering but uncertain dawn of independence that began in the 1960s has resulted in a quest for development that continues today. Editor A. A. Mazrui and his contributors address the impact of these challenges for the present and future. In his concluding chapter, Mazrui suggests that Africa still awaits two great revolutions—a sexual revolution in the roles of men and women and a scientific revolution in the skills of its people.





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