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Metu Neter Volume 5: Keys to Health and Longevity

Integrates the spiritual wisdom of Kamit (ancient Egypt) with the secrets of Yoga and Zen meditation, and the latest findings of Psychobiology and Quantum Physics to weave an unprecedented mind-body, mind over matter healing, wellness and longevity maintenance system. You will learn the intimate connection of the parts of the brain to the parts of the spirit, and how to balance and enhance your brain chemistry and functions to achieve the highest states of meditation and spiritual healing of your person and others through meditation. Through a series of easy guided meditations (CD included), yogic breathing and cutting edge nutraceutical prescriptions you will permanently condition spontaneous and automatic responses of peace and joy (Nirvana, Samadhi, Hetep) to all of life's challenges, thus eliminating the stress reactions and suffering that are robbers of health, success and longevity. Learn to live every moment of your life with the secret wisdom that enabled the Ancient Egyptians to build the world's most magnificent and long lived civilization.





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