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Ifá: The Ultimate Guide to a System of Divination and Religion of the Yoruba People

Delve into the Yoruba people’s Ifá religion and build a strong understanding of their 8,000-year-old divination system. Have you ever wondered where the Yoruba people came from and where they are now? Are you interested in exploring their historical and cultural heritage? Have you ever heard of the Ifá religion before and found yourself intrigued? The Yoruba people’s history is somewhat mysterious, but they will happily tell you that they are from the Nile Valley. That is partially true, and you will find out why as we explore the origins of the Yoruba and how they eventually settled in what is today called Yorubaland in Africa. In this book, you will: Find out who the Yoruba are Understand how Ifá is the touchstone of the Yoruba Read up on the Sixteen Commandments of Ifá Understand the role of divination in the Ifá religion Learn more about the role of wisdom and intellect in the practice of Ifá Expose yourself to the Ifá Creation narrative Learn about the origin of divination Understand why Olodumare (the Creator God) is distant from Creation Find out more about the goal of Ifá; the continual restoration of relationships and the realization of Olodumare’s original vision for the Creation Learn who the Orisha are Learn who the Ajogun are Understand the meaning of the Seven African Powers Learn more about different tools of Ifá divination Understand how divination casting works and what it’s intended to accomplish Find out what Ori is Find out what Ashé is You’ll be taken through the first four sections of the Odù Ifá and provided with the energetic profiles and roles of the four Odus in each one. Ifá divination is a complex and layered subject. That is no surprise, considering how the faith has been around for 8,000 years. In this book, you’ll find a detailed overview of historical realities and the philosophical and ethical framework of Ifá, with divination and its meaning to followers as the centerpiece.





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