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Black Soldiers of New York State: A Proud Legacy

Concise history of the valiant service of New York’s African American soldiers. The heroic saga of New York State’s African American soldiers, largely untold, comes to life in these pages. Drawing on a wealth of sources, some newly discovered, author Anthony F. Gero tells of their two centuries of struggle and triumph, beginning with the French and Indian War and continuing until 1950, when the United States Army and New York’s National Guard became integrated. Their legacy is vividly illustrated by the heroism of the 369th United States Infantry (previously the 15th New York) during the American advance in the Argonne-Meuse in 1918. Private Dorrance Brooks from New York City was killed in action as he led his company’s survivors forward after all its officers had been killed or wounded. Black Soldiers of New York State demonstrates how in spite of many obstacles—including ongoing prejudice within their own country—the African American soldiers from New York State served courageously and valiantly, winning many commendations and earning the respect of friend and foe alike. “Black Soldiers of New York State is a quick read and an interesting one. Readers who want to know more about how black men have contributed to national defense since colonial times will want to add the book to their libraries.” — Journal of America’s Military Past “Gero’s slim but informative volume examines the contributions of black New Yorkers throughout the nation’s conflicts … this study pays much needed attention to the legacy of these often-neglected New York heroes.” — CHOICE “Black Soldiers of New York State: A Proud Legacy is a wonderful literary answer to the problem of military historians overlooking the military service of black Americans for too long … Professor Gero’s latest effort is one that is thoroughly studious, lavishly annotated, and extensively researched.” — David Kaufman, Military Historian "This book is necessary and outstanding.” — William Gladstone A retired high school teacher in Auburn, New York, Anthony F. Gero teaches history at Cayuga Community College, State University of New York, and is a Fellow of the Company of Military Historians. He has written numerous articles on military history and is the author (with Roger Sturcke) of New York State National Guard.





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