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Slave Revolts (Greenwood Guides to Historic Events 1500-1900)

Since the days of antiquity, people have been forced into servitude because of differences in gender, race, class, religion, or level of power. For just as long, those under subjugation have rebelled against it. From the Palmares in Brazil to pre-Civil War slave revolts to the modern-day Hutu/Tutsi conflict, this volume discusses age and gender, caste and class, and origin and ethnicity as the factors, effects and legacy of one of the oldest and most outrageous human practices. Thematic chapters present an in-depth survey of major slave rebellions throughout modern history, from all areas of the globe. Topics include the Maroons of Jamaica, Slave revolts in Sub Saharan Africa, major slave rebellions in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Apartheid and forced labor in the 20th century. Ready reference features such as primary documents and biographies of key figures round out the work.





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