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    Saturday, September 26, 2015

    Malcolm X. Rights Activist and Nation of Islam Leader

    More than a string of fact and dates, the Essential Lives series reveals the influences that shaped each individual and how, in turn, each individual shaped American history. Complemented by archival photos and clear narration, these biographies begin with a snapshot in time to pique interest before continuing along with chronological coverage. Malcolm X describes how a young Malcolm Little, abandoned after his father died (presumably murdered by the KKK) and his mother was institutionalized, turned to a life of crime. The text focuses on his conversion to the Nation of Islam and his eventual roles as charismatic minister and civil rights activist. The balanced treatment does not shy away from controversy as it compares and contrasts Malcolm X’s and Martin Luther King Jr.’s approaches to civil rights. This series does an excellent job of depicting each individual as a nuanced human rather than an icon. Download Link
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