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    Wednesday, July 15, 2015

    The Jim Crow Era (African-American History)

    Gr 4-6-There are some admirable qualities to these titles-use of primary source documents, follow-up questions, and "Stop and Think" writing prompts. Unfortunately, negative characteristics mar the set as a whole. The illustrations are disappointing, with several employed more than once throughout the series. When depicting slaves, period drawings are used that do little to convey the actual conditions that were endured. With so many excellent photographs available, the use of these illustrations is puzzling. For the most part, the writing style is clear and straightforward. But African-American Culture lacks nuance and depth and fails to convey the harsh realities of slavery. For instance, in shedding light on the importance of hymns, the author makes the assertion that "the songs brought joy to African American who sang them." Though technically true, this oversimplified explanation glosses over the horrors of slavery and neglects to mention the role of these songs in the Underground Railroad. Download Link
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