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    Saturday, June 20, 2015

    Black Jesus Volume 1

    Black Jesus is a story about being born different and society's perception and reaction to that. It was created and conceptualized by Jimmy Blondell and David Krintzman with artwork by Nicholas Da Silva and BlackJack studious in Brazil. Graphic novels often step into uncharted territory with ideas that are considered taboo by some. For example, speculation about the return of Jesus Christ had been around for over a thousand years. In more current times the discussion about the Euro-centric images of Christ being unlikely— considering the part of the world where he lived—have also been controversial. Graphic novel creators Jimmy Blondell and David Krintzman step into this morass with both feet with Black Jesus. They boldly suggest that Jesus has indeed returned, and that he is no question a Black man. The story is set in contemporary times, and involves a complex plot that includes not only religion, but politics, commentary on government control, network and more. Everyone’s motivation is suspect as the various groups desperately search for returned Christ to exploit him. There is betrayal, and greed and overblown self interest and few heroes to be found. But there is also a guarantee that you will never think of the topic of the real nature of Jesus Christ the same way ever again. This graphic novel is also soon to become a major motion picture, where a discussion about the issues it presents will no doubt move to a larger world stage.
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