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    Monday, May 18, 2015

    Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out

    Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out is an English translation of the German book Farbe bekennen, a compilation of texts, testimonials and other secondary source,s bringing to life the stories of Black German women living amid racism, sexism and other institutional constraints in Germany. The book draws on themes and motifs prevalent in Germany from the earliest colonial interactions between Germany and black "otherness," up through the lived experiences of Black German women in the 1980s. It was groundbreaking not only for the degree to which it examined the Afro-German experience, which had been generally ignored in the larger popular discourse, but also as a forum for women to have a voice in constructing this narrative. The book also acted as a source for these Afro-German women to have a platform where their stories can be heard. The stories that were told helped the development of an Afro-German community as a common theme throughout Showing Our Colors was the idea of feeling alone and as though there was no one to relate to. The discussion of this loss of connection to others helped Afro-Germans come together and unite. [may_opitz_katharina_oguntoye_dagmar_schultz]_sh_bokos-z1_.pdf

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