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    Wednesday, April 15, 2015

    Jazz Country: Ralph Ellison in America

    This title reassesses Ralph Ellison and explores his writings and views on American culture through the lens of jazz music. Horace Porter's study addresses Ellison's jazz background, including his essays and comments about jazz musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Charlie Parker. Porter further examines the influences of Ellington and Armstrong as sources of the writer's personal and artistic inspiration and highlights the significance of Ellison's camaraderie with two African American friends and fellow jazz fans - the writer Albert Murray and the painter Romare Bearden. Most notably, "Jazz Country" demonstrates how Ellison appropriated jazz techniques in his two novels, "Invisible Man" and "Juneteenth". Using jazz as the key metaphor, Porter refocuses old interpretations of Ellison by placing jazz in the foreground and by emphasizing, especially as revealed in his essays, the power of Ellison's thought and cultural perception. The self-proclaimed "custodian of American culture", Ellison offers a vision of "jazz-shaped" America - a world of improvization, individualism and infinite possibility. [Horace_A._Porter]_Jazz_Country_Ralph_Ellison_in__Bokos-Z1_

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