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    Monday, October 15, 2012

    Metu Neter Oracle Cards Full Deck

    Refer to Metu Neter Vol. 1 Book (sold separately) for use with these cards. The Great Oracle of Tehuti for the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation. A must have for anyone interested in Egyptian culture!
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    1. The posting of the Metu Neter oracle cards are in violation of my Copyright, and destructive to my business.

      You must remove this from your site immediately to avoid legal action for copyright violation and theft of property.

    2. You don't own the Oracle, though we are grateful to you for returning it.

      Also, didn't you take everything out of print? The books and cards are like 400 bucks a pop now smh. Don't expect a knowledge thirsty generation to accept that. Its against against your principles to persecute your bredren.

      Leave it on fam!

      1. Hotep!

        Thank you for you support sistah.I am not going to remove the Metu Neter oracle cards form the library.Hopefully Ra Un Nefer Amen will understand that we have no intention of bootlegging his products or causing him finacially loss.This is a public library built for Afrikans by Afrikans and hopefully one dy he will overstand that.


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